She Might Be: A New Community for Plus Size Fashion

| Plus Size clothing can be hard to find in the media, but let us introduce you to the UK’s 1st Plus-Size Beauty and Fashion Online Magazine.

She Might Be is the UK’s first dedicated plus size online magazine, creating a community of body positive writers and influencers under the watchful eye of multi award-winning blogger, Georgina Grogan of She Might Be Loved.

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The 60+ bloggers who write for this innovative new website are often described as role models for their positive outlook on bodies of all shapes and sizes; ranging from UK sizes 16 to 32.

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The magazine values diversity, inclusivity and representation above all else, but also share the latest trends in the fashion and beauty industry.

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The magazine covers a whole host of topics including beauty, fashion, sex, events, body positivity, mental health, disabilities, wellbeing, family, weddings and more, all from a plus-size perspective; one all too often ignored in the publishing industry. The mission of the magazine is to make every reader know her worth, combining a love of fashion and pop culture with a no-holds-barred body positive attitude.

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Our favourite pieces on the site include:

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