Iconic 80’s Horror Movies

There’s nothing better than a fright fest on All Hallows’eve!

We have picked out our favourite Halloween flicks to give you nightmares all week long.

Nightmare on Elm St

One, Two Freddys coming for you…
If this movie didn’t give you sleepless nights as a kid then you must have nerves of steel! Luckily Nancy is there to save the day, or is she? …Three, Four better lock your door

The Shining

Nothing will terrify us more than the sight of twin girls in a corridor alone, ok maybe Jack Nicholson hacking through a door with an axe will terrify us more! A must see, just don’t ask whats in room 237 ok?

Day of the Dead

Zombies, mad scientists and gun toting military men this movie has it all. The zombies may be slow but what would you do trapped in a military base with hundreds of them trying to eat you and the rest of your colleuges trying to kill you?

The Fly

With Jeff Goldblum & Geena Davis in the same movie you know it’s going to be hit! You don’t get much creepier than this, go and watch it and you’ll never think of Jeff Goldblum the same again.

Halloween 1 & 2

Ever got the feeling your not alone? Or were you sure someone was following you home? Michael Myers is terrifying and he doesn’t even say a word. Watch them back to back to make sure you are well and truly creeped out.

See Also


Ghosts talking to you through your TV?! Anything to do with the other side will have us reaching for a blanket to cover our heads. The thing that makes this movie really scary? The fact that the cast were ‘cursed’…watch at your peril

Friday the 13th

Camp will never be the same again. Don’t go outside to investegate a strange noise, don’t hitch-hike and for god’s sake don’t go out onto the lake!

So there you have it, our top 7 movies to watch on Halloween, just don’t blame us if you never go to sleep again.

Five, Six, Grab your crucifix…

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