Serenity & Grace: The Shape Of Stores To Come?

Big-box stores offline are struggling. Best in class online stores with a focus on curation builds loyalty. Serenity & Grace founder Ann Marie McDonagh knows this and is using crowdfunding to enable her vision to take a bold step forward.

TL;DR – Irish fashion boutique is offering equity and lifetime discount to all crowdfunding backers, if you hurry! Details here.

Online fashion boutique Serenity & Grace is aiming for accelerated growth at a time when high street fashion retail is firmly engaged in soul searching.

Mid-tier brands and behemoth multi-brand stores are struggling for relevance in the era of same or next day delivery for online purchases. Fast fashion is thriving for those who provide the best experience, as is the luxury market. It’s the middle ground that is collapsing. It’s the middle ground that is in need of reinvention.

Reports this month confirm that Amazon represents a third of all UK online sales. If you’re not selling on ASOS or Amazon, your offering needs to be truly desired. Curation is therefore a key part and for that you need experience.

Enter Ann Marie McDonagh. 25 years commercial experience with many leading fashion brands such as GANT, Fred Perry and Penney’s, with the last 10 years within global directorship.

As the driving force behind Serenity & Grace, she has overseen exclusive product offerings that have gained a strong interest with customers, press and bloggers. No surprise then it has been attracting partnerships with the likes of British Airways Flying Start and The National Film awards.

Successful curation is best supported with passionate advocates who, via crowdfunding, often invest just as much emotionally as they do financially in backing a project. It’s one of the reasons why crowdfunding has become so popular. A different mindset exists now to what we expect from brands and how we engage with them.

Hot topics of sustainability and "who made your clothes?" are gaining traction from professionals with a different outlook. Aspiration towards ownership of overly expensive things has been replaced by a desire to unfuck the planet, embrace new experiences, and speak our truth.

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Crowdfunding is how we get to make the things we believe in happen.

As part of their own crowdfunding pitch, Serenity & Grace is offering equity. This approach allows hundreds of small and medium sized backers to purchase shares in early stage companies. This is about more than voting with your wallet or conscience, it’s about going on a journey and backing the brands and ideas you believe in. Knowing you played a small but important part in helping others bring their ambitions to life. And a discount doesn’t hurt either!

That’s why backers coming on board right now will receive – wait for it – a generous 20% lifetime discount on ALL Serenity & Grace products purchased from their site.

Curious? If you’ve got a minute to spare, watch this brief clip below for more details. Your new favourite brand might be one click away.

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