Say No To Plastic Bags – Shoppers with Style

| Here’s our style picks for long lasting and environmentally friendly alternatives to the plastic bag. It’s time to make the change towards a greener planet.

It’s been a while since the The 5p plastic bag charge was put into play across the UK and sent shoppers into a semi-meltdown. It’s now a given to see customers pile their groceries up sky high and play pretty impressive balancing acts as they waddle from the self checkout. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Any self-respecting savvy shopper should seize this opportunity to shop some more and invest in the perfect bag for life. You’d be surprised just how fancy one can be while carrying the weekly shop!

Emily Millichip £35

Scottish designer Emily has put her definitive eye for prints into good use by creating a whole line of affordable shoppers with cute slogans. The hardest part is which once to choose?!

Sun Jellies £17.50

With telling us that the number of plastic bags taken from supermarkets in 2014 had increased for the fifth year running, this may be the only plastic bag you ever need to buy. Plus, doesn’t half look good in the house once you’ve unpacked!

Lazy Oaf £38

Show off your shopping in this "Sorry we’re closed" glittery shopper from the quirky folks at Lazy Oaf, it’s in the sale too, down from £68.

Zara £12.50

Get in the Christmas spirit with this starry print fabric tote – with extra added tassels no less!

ThatAgnes (available on Etsy) £17

She’s large and in charge, chunky yet funky, and her name is LATRICE ROYALE! Really, no food shop would be complete without filling a bag of Latrice’s face. She would want it that way.

See Also

Poppy Lissiman $115

Tumblr rejoice! Someone has finally created the China Town favourite pink ‘Thank You’ bag, and that someone is Aussie designer Poppy Lissiman. Made from faux leather and hand screen printed, this will add something a little extra special to your weekly shop.

Anya Hindmarch £350

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Anya Hindmarch always knows how to put her quirk on things. If you are on the market for something REALLY fancy but still fun, Anya’s always your gal.

So next time, say no to plastic and spend a little more, look a lot better and help to save the world one plastic bag at a time. Clean up on isle 5!

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