Sarah Jessica Parker Narrates the 1920s in Vogue

| As Vogue celebrates its 125th year, they look back at the history of fashion, and the magazine, in a series of €œfive points€ videos by decade, narrated by the stylish Sarah Jessica Parker.

In this episode, the focus is the roaring ’20s. The trends of the twenties covered include ‘The Mode Moderne’, ‘A Moveable Feat’, ‘Shear Genius, ‘Beau Brummels of the Brush” and ‘Always a Woman to Me’.

The 1920s were arguably a golden era for Vogue and fashion in general, with flapper girls, cropped haircuts and a brand new silhouette for dress. Newfound riches and the end of the war meant a cause for celebration, and the beautiful hand-drawn illustration in the pages of Vogue show only the most glamorous of parties.

Check out the rest of the videos from the fantastic ‘Vogue by the Decade’ series, from 1890 to 1960, to see the history of the iconic publication before it evolved to what it is today with the full playlist on Youtube.

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