Royal Wedding: 6 tips to ensure they don’t rue the day

(from those who have been there and done it!)

With the final preparations being made for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the 19th May, a recent survey by family law firm Brookman Solicitors of over 1,000 married individuals has revealed some wise words on how to go the distance for the soon to be wedded couple!


We have all heard the saying “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day” however this superstition does not have to surface in reality. In a marriage it is important to understand life is unpredictable and you will inevitably experience highs and lows over the years – are respondents revealed how you just need to accept this is part and parcel of life! Spending your life with one person will require resilience, enjoy the highs but do not panic when experiencing the lows.


Communication is key to a successful marriage, in Brookman Solicitors survey when asked how couples overcame relationship difficulties, communication came out on top as the best solution with 26% of those surveyed choosing communication. Compromise, counselling, not reacting and improving their career situation came closely behind in the results as top solutions for a breakdown in communication.


Being in each other’s pockets in a relationship is not healthy and can lead to you getting on each others nerves. It is crucial to have time apart from your partner to maintain your sense of self, such as meeting up with family or friends. Give yourself some time to be selfish and focus on your own needs, this will enable you to fully enjoy the time you do spend with your other half.


The relationship survey has interestingly revealed an overwhelming 85% of respondents felt that people give up on marriage too easily these days, with 74% of those surveyed admitting that they faced significant troubled points during their marriage. External circumstances are often the trigger for marriage break ups such as financial pressures, time apart caused by work, illness or disagreements over raising children. However if you have the patience to ride out these issues together your marriage will stand the test of time.



A lack of trust or communication is a common issue that Brookman Solicitors hear when marriages breakdown, the survey results clearly revealed honesty is key to a long marriage, without trust this can lead to a spiralling effect where the relationship is likely to breakdown completely. Even a small white lie can get easily get out of hand so it is recommended to just be honest with your partner in order to have a happy married life for many years to come.


Supporting each other will certainly help your relationship last the distance, hard times such as illnesses or death of a loved one can be very challenging times and your partner will need you more than ever at this time.

Guest Article – Brookman Solicitors for Fashion Fix Daily

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