Review of Amazon’s Fashion line ‘Find’

| Amazon Fashion, YAY or nay: A detailed review of Amazon’s new fashion line including what they did good with and what needs improved in order to succeed.

Although Amazon has been selling clothing, shoes and accessories from other brands for many years, recently the online megastore launched Find, their debut own-brand fashion line.

Curious to see the reality behind the hush-hush soft launch for Prime members, I decided to try it out for myself and ordered a striped blouse from Find. You can see the product details of this £36 ‘Women’s Tie Sleeve Shirt’ here.

The shopping experience: 3/10

Ironically, actually finding the ‘Find’ section on Amazon was unnecessarily difficult. I’m guessing that with the upcoming official launch the brand will be more visible from the main site, but for a usually very user-friendly Amazon shopping experience, this is weirdly frustrating. Once in the correct section, the site has a very basic, bare-bones fashion e-commerce look, with hundreds of products available but organised in a logical, not fashionable, way. I wasn’t impressed but didn’t expect anything hugely high class from the world’s biggest cheap online warehouse, I guess you get what your pay for.

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The service: 9/10

The top only took two days to arrive at where I’m staying in London, so its an A+ for speedy delivery. Plus, there was no need to sign for it, and as the package was small and thin, they could just slip it through the letterbox, which is so much more convenient than it going back to an out-of-town Depot when I’m not at home to receive the package.

After purchasing the top, I decided to return it as the style didn’t suit me, and the returns process was very quick and easy. There’s no receipt in the package, but you simply log in to your Amazon account to print a free returns label and post, drop off at an Amazon locker, or arrange for collection, and money is refunded quickly as either cash into your account or Amazon credit.

The packaging: 2/10

I was very disappointed that Amazon had made little extra effort to package their clothing than they would any other product. It came in a standard white Amazon plastic package, and inside was a clear plastic pack with the simple ‘find’ logo, barcode and safety instructions in different languages. When I spend money either on or offline, I expect decent packaging, not just a cheap disposable bag that could belong to any brand.

The material: 8/10

I was pleasantly surprised with the fabric for such an affordable fast fashion item, which are usually made from cheap polyester. This shirt is made of 56% Acrylic, 39% Viscose, 5% Linen, so it does have a nice texture, soft feel against the body, and a natural fibre look, which does appear more expensive. When it arrived, it was fairly creased and definitely needed an iron, but that’s expected for a product with linen in it.

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The finish: 5/10

The shirt was fairly well made, with all seams intact, although there were a few small loose threads and a tiny section on the front where the dye had leaked over the stripes slightly. The bow detailing was a nice addition to an otherwise very basic garment, and could certainly pass off for a higher end or more fashion forward brand.

The fit: 7/10

I bought the top in a size Medium which roughly looked like a size 10/12. It was intentionally loose fitting and a little generous on size, which is certainly no bad thing. The 3/4 length sleeves are flared outward and pleated slightly, a very on-trend feature, and the neckline is wide and high. Overall though, I thought the fit was a bit too frumpy and unflattering, and I would prefer a longer length as the crop caught me right at the widest part of my hips.

What do you think of the top? Would you buy fashion from Amazon?

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