Pringle of Scotland AW18 at LFW

| Pringle socks & jumpers are the best known products of the brand. But from their Autumn-Winter 2018 collection at London Fashion Week we can see theres so much more to them!

The London Fashion Week presentation of Pringle of Scotland’s AW18 collection was a celebration of all things knitwear, from fairisle to intarsia, hand painted fully fashioned pieces, luxurious Scottish cashmere, mohair and Shetland wool, and beautifully soft merino.

A huge source of inspiration for this patriotic offering was Scotland’s native agate, which when cut open reveal a mesmerising pattern of swirling seas in its core. The hypnotic colours and gradients of these precious stones manifested on jumpers, cardigans, dresses, skirts and trousers, all hand-crafted in the home of heritage textiles using all natural yarns.

"Autumn Winter ’18 is a melting pot of all the elements that make Pringle of Scotland such an iconic heritage brand. There are the famous patterns and designs, the influences of Scotland and its landscapes and textures, and the historic techniques used to bring the best out of natural yarns. We fell in love with the intricate ‘hidden’ beauty of Scottish agate: it is a symbol of discovery and encourages us to look more deeply into seemingly unassuming objects." – Womenswear Director Fran Stringer.

Fairisle x Leopard Print


Classic Pringle iconography was reinvented for the modern fashion consumer, with the brand’s typographic logo applied to knitwear. The most inspiring of all however was the embroidered lion rampant, also seen hand painted by fashion illustrator Frida Wannerberger onto bold red knitwear.

Agate Stones


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Real agate was also used as embellishment, adorning the sleeves and bodies of soft mohair oversized cardigans, and taking the form of beautiful brooch and kilt pin designs on the breasts of jackets and shawls, designed exclusively for Pringle by the fashion industry’s favourite avant-garde jeweller Gala Colivet-Dennison.

Scottish Textiles


From hand-intarsia knitting on diamond argyle jumpers to mohair and wool textured by being brushed with thistles, traditional Scottish textile techniques were everywhere. Overall, this was a collection to remember; a reminder that, although the brand is over 200 years old, Pringle of Scotland is here to stay.

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