Pet Hates of Every Fashion Student

| If you’re studying Fashion then you’ll know all too well the struggles of being a student that is completely stereotyped and underestimated.

As a student studying fashion, there are issues that come up again and again for me and my peers.

There are so many misconceptions about studying fashion, and they need to be put to rights!

Many people wrongly think that fashion design is not a real subject. The public may believe that theres no point going to university unless its for a ‘proper’ career like law or medicine, or an ‘ology’, but fashion is a global multi-billion dollar industry that requires the very best creative and business minds .

Possibly the worst misconception about fashion students is that they’re not very intelligent. There’s a dangerous stereotype that we are just blind fashion victims who picked the degree because we couldn’t pass maths, or we just like shopping. The majority of fashion students are passionate, creative, driven and ambitious individuals who will become powerful tastemakers of culture in the future.

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A huge problem amongst fashion students is working for free, and being undervalued. People who don’t work in the industry may not realise the true cost of fabrics, fastenings, studio equipment, time, blood sweat and tears! We work so hard and often for little reward; so theres got to be a mutual benefit if working with fashion students. The glossy image of the graduate fashion show is just the final result of months in the studio with very little social life or disposable income!

Finally, many people thinking that studying fashion always means sewing clothes. Theres so much more to the industry, from marketing and retailing to styling and promotion. So no, I can’t whip you up a quick dress, I’m too busy creating magazine editorial, pitching marketing campaigns, analysing textile polymers and writing essays on the social and historical context of fashion in the 20th century.

On the bright side, if you love fashion but hate sewing or drawing, like me, there are hundreds of courses out there to explore, including Fashion Communication, a combination of graphic design, photography and journalism. Theres something for everyone, and no, you don’t have to dress like a supermodel or famous blogger. We can wear ‘normal’ clothes too, especially to 9am lectures.

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