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  • Rope Sandals: Budget vs Blowout

    Every year when summer comes around, I panic about which sandals to wear. Is the gladiator sandal back on trend? Are people still wearing the infamous slider? Are espadrilles cool again? Can I still wear my old Birkenstocks? What about wedges? It's a first world problem at its finest, but

    The A-Z of Beauty - ID

    | A is for Abstract, B is for Brows, C is for Cupid's Bow. The A-Z of Beauty knows no bounds, it's not about perfection, it's about celebrating individuality around the world. Directed by Daniel Sannwald and styled by Sarah Richardson, the film showcases 26 make-up looks by i-D Beauty Editor

    The best products to help you with plastic-free July

    Plastic Free July has become a global phenomenon. On Instagram, the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly currently has over 77,000 posts! The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the overconsumption of plastic products and packaging, and encourage everyday people and brands alike to consider alternatives with a goal to

    Travelling to get Tattooed?

    Last month I travelled to two different countries to get tattooed. This may sound extreme to you, but if you find an artist you love, travelling to get to them might be your only option. I'm lucky enough that I've managed to book in with some of my favourite artists

    Top 20 Instagrammers to follow on IGTV

    On the newly-launched IGTV, you can automatically access videos from people you already follow, but if your feed is looking a little dry, here are the top 20 instagrammers to follow on IGTV for regular content, from bloggers to celebrities, Youtubers to make-up artists and beyond! Read more: Instagram attack

    The Shopping Edit: Swimsuit Season

    The 2018 British heatwave is in full swing, and if you're anything like us, you'll be panic buying swimwear in anticipation of jumping into the nearest body of water as soon as possible. Perhaps inspired by Love Island, you are browsing for high-cut bikini bottoms and low-cut bikini tops, but

    Keeping your skin safe this summer

    Caring for your skin is something you should never ignore, especially in the summer months. There are around three thousand cases of skin cancer every year, and 85% of these are preventable*. Tanning may be your top priority but is jeopardizing your skin really worth a couple of months of

    The best themed bars in New York City

    In NYC, you're never far from your new favourite hotspot. Whether you're after a mango margarita, cream filled cronut, bottomless brunch or one of the world famous pizza pies; you are in the right place to find it. But here at FFD, we’re not into the ordinary. We like

    Travel Tips For Vegans

    Travelling when you are vegan can be a little difficult, but if you do some work before you go then it should be plain sailing. Research as Much as You Can Look into where you are going, not just for fun things to do, eat and see, but for things