An Introduction to Petite Meller

Model, philosophy student and singer Petite Meller makes a surreal sight in her blonde pigtails and statement blusher. She certainly is one of a kind. After all there can’t be many pop stars studying for an MA in psychoanalysis at the Sorbonne who’ve kissed a giraffe in Kenya,

The best Breakfast in Glasgow

Recently Calvin Harris stated that the Stravaigin on Gibson Street was the best breakfast in the world. We have to disagree. Whilst the fry up at Stravaigin is pretty damn great, there are so many more options for an unforgettable breakfast in Glasgow. So here are the best of the

The Psychology of Fast Fashion

Since social media and user generated content dramatically democratized the internet, consumers have become educated on a whole range of issues within industries that previously closed their doors to the public, and made huge lifestyle changes because of access to that information. But when it comes to clothing, despite horrific

The ultimate brownie recipe

We have the ultimate brownie recipe courtesy of Adele McConnell aka The Vegie Head, perfect for every season. Oh and did we mention they are gluten free and vegan? Basically health food! So grab your apron & lets get cooking... Takes under one hour and gives a trayfull of delicious

Tattoos That Play Sound

Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self-expression in this day and age. The skin is all yours and there’s a whole lot of it that can be used as canvas for the inking. Sound wave tattoos, as they are being called are the new stage in

Is exercise the new 'going out'?

It’s Friday night and the lights are low. Strangers bodies are pushing against me, sweaty and breathless as they mouth the words to their favourite songs. And the music is loud, really loud – Kanye and Stormzy pulsing through the expensive sound system. Girls, in crop tops and outfits that

S:RD The story so far

Launched in 2005 Genuine PR was created to showcase Scotlands design talent, within the year took the likes of Christopher Kane, Jennifer Lang & Sarah Raffel to LFW, not only were they the catalyst in these designers careers they also supplied make up artist extraordinaire Ana Cruzalegui to work backstage

100 Years of Bras

Bras have become such an everyday part of most women’s dressing that it is hard to imagine a time when they weren’t. I’m all down with freeing the nipple, in fact, I encourage myself and all the women around me to do at least once in a