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  • Out With The Coats, In Come The Jackets

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    Posted: April 18, 2017 Posted: April 18, 2017
    Out With The Coats, In Come The Jackets

    | The British weather is more unpredictable than a coin toss. Buy one of these all-weather jackets to ensure you won't be stuck in the mud if the heavens open.

    Top tip: Never, ever get dressed based on what the weather looks like out your window. At least, not right now. Appearances can be deceiving and I can guarantee you, clear skies and sunshine does not always equal warm weather. I know we have been pretty lucky to experience a slight incline in temperature, but we're not quite ready to bare skin just yet.

    With all the sporadic dips that can be expected of a British Spring, it can be a confusing time for our wardrobes. Having to be prepared for sun, rain, and wind in one day can leave our outerwear in a tug of war situation of on again, off again. Yup, it's time for our winter coats to retire and for us to find an alternative extra layer until the weather decides to be nice. But the question is, what options do we have for a 'jack of all trades' spring jacket? FFD investigates the best Spring jackets guaranteed to have more chill than the weather right now.

    Military Fresh

    Chic, flattering and a part of the conscious collection.
    H&M, £49.99

    POP of Colour

    This structured neoprene take on the biker will keep you cosy and shower resistant in this seasons must have colour.
    Mango, £69.99

    Suits you

    Wear with the matching trousers or with pretty much anything else in your wardrobe.
    Zara, £69.99

    Two times

    Get your cost per wear with this reversible bomber jacket.
    Topshop, £79

    The new denim

    Give your denim jacket the 2017 upgrade with this oversized shape and reverse bow detailing.
    ASOS, £45


    Get with the Hypebeast with this minimalist scuba jacket.
    Cos, £125

    Army Clad

    Get your camo on with this incredible army print.
    Monki, £45


    Werk the two toned denim look with this shorty.
    Sonia Rykiel, £214

    Trench me

    Khaki is definitely the new black and this trench will last you for season after season.
    Whitles, £290

    First Rain

    Embroidery is going nowhere, and pairing it up with a classic suit jacket is just the smart way to wear it!
    Sister Jane, £115

    Header image credit: Megan Ellaby