Our Favourite Protest Signs From The Global Women's March

| The future is most definitely female. The Women's March brought out protestors, all of whom were sparked by the inauguration of President Trump.

If there's one thing we can give Trump credit for, it's that he sure knows how to spark a global women's rights movement!

Yesterday, over two million women, men and children in more than 20 countries worldwide came together to march against the new presidency. A high-spirited and peaceful protest sending a bold message to the new US government, and to the world that women's rights are human rights. The internet was flooded with uplifting images of women from around the world with "do no harm, take no shit" attitudes, giving an incredible feeling of togetherness whether you were physically marching or not. The feeling of girl power has never been so strong and is the soothing balm we needed to mend our broken hearts. So to each and every person who marched yesterday, from FFD, I thank you. Thank you for spreading the message of civil rights and equality, you are reminding us all globally that #LoveTrumpsHate forever. Here are some of our favorite, most funny, and poignant protest posters from the day.

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