Novak Djokovic is Lacoste’s New Crocodile.

Rene Lacoste, the creator of Lacoste was a beast on the Tennis court, he was nicknamed the crocodile because of diligence on the court. 1933 was the birth of the brand and the logo that we know all so well today. Novak Djokovic was named the new crocodile and face of the brand.

The world’s number 2 shares the same sportsmanship, perseverance and grace and can be seen in the brands latest collection for on the court and on the green. The Rene magnetic sunglasses, which are the first sunglasses ever made for tennis practice were debuted in this collection also. It combines a contemporary sporting design with the latest technology. The Zeiss lenses are adapted for tennis practice on all surfaces.

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Djokovic has signed a 5 year contract with the brand and for his birthday was given an image of himself on the Monte Carlo country club where he has been for almost 10 years as a special gift. It has been almost 85 years since Lacoste had a new crocodile and the brand’s CEO Thierry Guibert state that €œWhen we choose an ambassador, we first choose values, and Novak has the simplicity, humility and family values we were looking for€. Good luck to Mr. Djokovic on this one.

Shop the collection here.

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