Another Disney Collab – The ‘Disneyfication’ Of Fashion

| Disney fashion collaborations are a plenty, with some of the most famous fashion & beauty brands creating the most wanted collections of the year.

Just when you thought you’d seen them all, another gets announced. If like me, Disney films were a significant part of your childhood, then you’ve probably already noticed the wave of super cute, nostalgic collaborations launching across the fashion and beauty world. But before you get all "I did it first time around, I couldn’t possibly…" STOP! and consider the following: if Donald Duck can make an appearance at Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, and Kenzo can give Jungle Book realness, you can too. This is Disney as you never thought you’d see it, and and just when you thought it had all sold out, here comes another one. Are you ready to get on the Beauty and the Beast bandwagon?

From Marc Jacobs to Valentino, Moschino and even Coach, everyone who is anyone has launched a Disney collab in the last year. With designs selling out in a heartbeat, it’s no wonder the high street followed. With Uniqlo, Zara and even Primark launching their own collections, has the fashion world went a bit OTT on nostalgia? Well, if the shoe fits.

Whether Disney launches a new movie or not, brands and designers are scrambling to work with the company to celebrate their (or our) favourite characters. Whether it’s Snow White’s iconic red pout, Elsa’s smoky eye or Belle’s long lashes, getting that Disney face has never been easier. Not just sticking to the fashion world, our favourite characters are gracing the pallets of some of the biggest names in makeup. From Sephora to Mac to Urban Decay, with everyone jumping on the Disney rail road.

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Obvious cute factor aside, all these recent Disney collabs are clearly playing with millennial heartstrings and their love of all things #throwback. (Note: chokers, Pokémon Go, need I say more?) What they all have in common is that they each pick away at us on an emotional level. I mean, was I the only one who used a fork to comb my hair in the bath like Ariel? Didn’t think so. Disney characters are universally known and loved around the world, crossing countries, cultures and language. So by releasing, say, a 101 Dalmatians clutch, Cath Kidson expands her audience to more than just her regular Cath Kidson customers. You feel me?

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So with the relaunch of the Beauty and the Beast soon among us, it’s no wonder it’s the Disney du jour to collab with, but not all are as literal as that denim Beast jacket from Mink Pink, Christopher Kane has launched the first metaphorically inspired collection based around the films motifs. Drawn to Belle’s every-girl charm, the collection focuses on clothes with real-world appeal—biker jackets and transparent blouses as opposed to oversize ball gowns and in true Christopher Kane style, he gave to fingers to THAT yellow ballgown opting more to explore Mr Walt’s love for heroines in pale blue, and thank goodness for that. Praise be to creativity.

The rise of cartoon collabs doesn’t seem to be stopping soon and could very well be the answer for these swtiched up collabs. A few years ago it was all about major fashion houses working on capsule collections with high street honeys, now we’re seeing it flipped with cartoons or streetwear brands taking over the luxury market – I’m talking to you Louis Vuitton X Supreme. It’s almost as if high-end fashion wants to get "in with the kids" in some way, and are using nostalgia to do it. They aren’t wanting big actresses to rep their brand, they are turning to social media and our favourite TV shows. Times they are a changing, but even time can’t waste a classic, so it makes sense that they turn to Disney. If you can dream it, turns out, you really can do it!

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