Nick Cave's Protest Art

Nope, not that Nick Cave. The other one. The Chicago mixed media (sculptor, dancer, and performance art) artist who explres race, identity, gender and politics in his awe-inspiring and otherworldly work.


Nick Cave became a star of the art world in the early nineties with his eye-catching 'Soundsuits', wearable, whimsical fabric sculptures. These costumes enveloped the wearer's body in materials including dyed human hair, sisal, plastic buttons, beads, wire, sequins, and feathers.


Other projects like 'Until' have explored themes of racism and police brutality; gun violence and its impact on black men in America, using decontructed mannequins and dolls, as well as archetypal clothing and other materials to form altar-like sculptures, as well as vast expanding installations of somewhat random found objects.


In this current phase, Cave's art takes the form of a protest against the dark realities of our society through cosmic, childlike and fantastical work.

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Ruth MacGilp is an Edinburgh based blogger, and an activist for all things ethical in the fashion industry, as well as supporting the #shopsmall and #shoplocal movements through her work.
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