New Fashion Film: adidas Originals x SPEZIAL

| A fashion film which recounts a journey of self-discovery in Ibiza, presented to you by ADIDAS, SPEZIAL & Gary Aspen.

In celebration of SHOWstudio’s ongoing collaboration with Gary Aspden and adidas Originals x SPEZIAL, for S/S 18 they exclusively present a fashion film which recounts a journey of self-discovery in Ibiza. The transcendent sentiment, as narrated by Bez, is mirrored in the acidic soundtrack produced by People, Places & Things with Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey

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To time with the release of adidas Originals x SPEZIAL’s S/S 18 collection, director Nick Griffiths and &SON take us on a utopian journey of the white isle. Through flashing lights and beach side sunsets, the viewer is immersed into a world of unity and freedom, delving into what is a rite of passage for the youth today but also those of the near past.

A legacy spawned from the second Summer of Love, this path of self-discovery the island affords is deeply sentimental for narrator Bez and the modern raver while the acidic soundtrack produced by Gabe Gurnsey feels transformative. Mark Berry, known publicly as Bez, is a percussionist, dancer, media personality and former band member of the Manchester based Happy Mondays and later, Black Grape, whose narration emphasises the projects’s transcendent visuals; ‘Going into the clubs then was like walking into a movie. Open-air clubs, sunshine. That whole "This is it man"’. Sporting the S/S 18 Originals collection, the sentiment is mirrored through the film’s protagonist, venturing across Ibiza, liberated by its warm embrace.

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adidas SPEZIAL S/S 18 builds on the narrative of previous collections, incorporating pastel shade and detailed embroidery. Utilising the mod SPEZIAL logo alongside the traditional, iconic trefoil, the collection continues to blend the brand’s rich sporting heritage with pop culture references, British subculture and a fresh, contemporary outlook.

Watch the fashion film below and let us know what you think!

Copy and video: SHOWstudio

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