My Love Affair With Miu Miu

|Miu Miu’s designer bags, shoes and clothing are hard not to fall in ove with. Want to get the Miu Miu look, on a budget?

There is nothing better than falling in love, but what about when that love isn’t reciprocated?

Miu Miu is one if those brands who’s work I’ve obsessed over since my days studying fashion at MMU. Controversial, sometimes even a little bland but god when they get it right, they get it RIGHT!

AW17 follows on from a successful few seasons and there is one thing that is paramount – embellishment is key to everything. Whether it’s a studded cap, appliqué on a woolen dress or embroidery on every surface possible, Miu Miu are sticking to their embellishment trend and are going in heavy this season.


If like me your bank would literally dissolve if you tried to purchase one of these glorious pieces then I have some tips to get that Miu Miu look for your day to day wear.

  1. Buy Vintage! Knitwear with embellishment, a little black jacket covered in brooch like charms? These will give your wardrobe a kick in the right direction.

  2. DIY! Grab your fav bomber and invest in some awesome patches, not only will you have given a beloved jacket a new lease of life you’ll also have your friends lining up for you to customise their clothing too.

  3. Think of the general aesthetic. Don’t have time to embroider/stitch then grab some brooches and add them to a bag/jacket/shoes – no sewing required!

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All Images via Miu Miu Instagram
Originally published on 29 Jan 17

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