'My Life was Ruined by a Meme'

We all love memes, but do we ever think about the person behind the hilarious picture?

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From Bad Luck Brian to the Star Wars Kid, Jessi Slaughter to the Goosebumps girl, viral memes can have a real effect on people's lives on the other side of the screen. The most prominent example though, is Heidi Yeh, who claims the plastic surgery meme she featured in a few years ago has completely ruined her life.

"Model Heidi Yeh says an internet meme ruined her career and had a damaging effect of her family. Social media is a part of most people lives. We share photos and videos, laugh together at cute cat videos and memes. But how would you feel if you were the unwitting victim of a meme? That's what one model - Heidi Yeh - says happened to her when she became the focus of jokes and internet memes claiming that she'd had plastic surgery. She says it has had a huge effect on her career and family."

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Ruth MacGilp is an Edinburgh based blogger, and an activist for all things ethical in the fashion industry, as well as supporting the #shopsmall and #shoplocal movements through her work.
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