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| Want to help the environment but are too lazy to take any real action? Monki shows us how to help with minimal effort.

Monki have released a new campaign, and it’s one we can 100% get behind! The campaign focuses on keeping your clothing good as well as helping the environment…all whilst being extra lazy…sound too good to be true? Let Monki explain.

"In simple terms, Monki Cares is about making our business more sustainable and doing this is much more than just using organic cotton. This is why we’re committed to using better materials, why all our stores offer garment and textile recycling, why all our stores and offices are powered by renewable energy and why we’re aiming to become climate positive throughout our entire value chain by 2040."

Garement Care

On average 26% of the environmental impact in a garment’s life happens after it has left the store. The use of resources such as energy, water and the garment’s life-span has a lot to do with how we take care of our clothes at home. That power is ours.

Only wash dirty (clothes)
Unless they’re noticeably dirty, brushing your clothes or turning them inside out and airing, i.e. hanging in a humid place like your bathroom, between wears will keep them fresher for longer. Except your underwear€¦ those you should wash after every wear.

Wash your clothes differently! Sometimes the ‘lazy’ option is the most eco option.

Wash cool(er)
New machines often have eco settings, so these are the best to choose. And when it comes to washing, short cycles are queen. It’s good to note that washing at 30° uses roughly half as much energy as washing at 60°. Which makes it better for the environment and your energy bill.

And while most care labels suggest the highest permitted temperature, these days most washing detergents will work at lower temperatures. If your clothes are dirty then we recommend that you do wash them. Just be smart.

Go eco-friendly
Lots of the chemicals in laundry detergents have a negative environmental impact, so aim for ones that have an eco label. Always dose as recommended on the packaging, using more detergent won’t make your clothes cleaner. Stay away from fabric softeners in general and dry cleaning when possible.

See Also

Line dry.
Though convenient, tumble dryers and drying cabinets use a lot of energy. It’s better for your clothes – and the environment – to hang clothes on a washing line or a clotheshorse to dry.

Recycle with Monki.
When you no longer use your clothes, swap them, donate them or bring them to a Monki store to give them a new life. We’ll also give you a 10% discount to say thanks.

Repair or redesign.
There are so many ways that you can prolong the life of your clothes. Repairing is one obvious way but we’re also fans of simple redesigns. Check out our jeanious hacks here for some inspiration.All our garments are marked with the Clevercare label, go to for more tips on how to take better care of your clothes.

Final note from Monki. We believe most people recycle their clothes either by giving them to friends or family or donating them to charity. It’s the other things that we might not know what to do with such as old tees or dresses, underwear, old socks, stockings, ripped tights, and even old towels and sheets. We want them all. Help us minimise the amount of this ending up in a landfill. Give them a new life by bringing them to one of our stores. And to say thanks, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase.

You might be wondering if MONKI will make money from this and the answer is no. While they will receive money from I:CO as part of the business exchange, all of that is donated to the H&M Foundation and split between social projects, and innovation projects. H&M Foundation has partnered with The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel to develop technologies to recycle clothes made from textile blends into new clothes. The social projects are focused on equality and inclusion of marginalised groups.

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