Minimalist Living: 50 Things To Get Rid Of In 2018

| A Youtube Vlog to teach you how to minimalise your lifestyle. It’s 2018, it’s time to declutter.

In this vlog by Youtuber Madeleine Olivia, we’re given a kick start into minimalist living by learning a whopping fifty items that we don’t need or that no longer serve us. Here, discover what you should be letting go of this year and be empowerd to declutter your life!

Minimalism has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I feel that is has truly allowed me to find meaning in my life, pursue my dreams and let go of the fear and insecurities that came with placing so much value on things. This past year and a half has been a rollercoaster of emotions and a huge learning experience for me. What begun with decluttering my wardrobe and letting go of a job I hated, ended in travelling the world with a backpack, owning only what has value for me and pursuing my dream career working for myself online. If you want the full story of how minimalism has changed my life, you can check it out in my latest video, linked in my bio👆🏻Let me know below how minimalism has changed YOUR life in the comments. Want to be inspired by your experiences too!

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  1. Clothes that you don’t wear or clothes that don’t fit
  2. Old gadgets and electronics
  3. Toiletries and makeup that has gone out of date
  4. Multiples of the same type of product
  5. Handbags that you don’t use
  6. Shoes that are uncomfortable
  7. Out-of-date food
  8. Things that are broken beyond repair
  9. Mismatched or worn out tuppaware containers
  10. Things that you have no idea of the purpose of
  11. Odd socks
  12. Old papers and documents
  13. Kitchen appliances that serve no regular use
  14. Other kitchen gadgets that you never use
  15. Store cards and loyalty from shops you don’t go to
  16. Books you will never read
  17. Extra bed linen and towels
  18. Pens that don’t work
  19. Old CDs and DVDs: go digital
  20. Email subcription lists
  21. Ill-fitting or tatty old bras
  22. Spare make up brushes in sets
  23. Gifts that you don’t like
  24. Mugs from the back of the cupboard
  25. Old or unread magazines
  26. Fancy dress costumes
  27. Beauty product samples
  28. Childhood cuddly toys
  29. Used notebooks
  30. Endless candles and tealights
  31. Household decorations that don’t fit the home
  32. Extra sofa and bed cushions
  33. Old video and board games
  34. Dead plants
  35. Glasses and cups you never drink from
  36. Jewellery that you don’t wear
  37. Unused wires, cables and chargers
  38. Old, dead, empty batteries
  39. Old mobile phones
  40. Extra coat hangers
  41. ‘Junk’ draws
  42. Physical copies of takeaway menus
  43. Physical copies of appliance or electronic manual
  44. Cookbooks with no regular use
  45. Excessive amounts of shopping bags
  46. Furniture you don’t like
  47. Old pyjamas or tattered t-shirts
  48. Band or film posters
  49. Old birthday and Christmas cards
  50. Negative mindset!

Remember, it is vitally important for the environment that you ‘get rid’ of your things responsibly. Most things can be fixed, upcycled, recycled, sold, repurposed or donated to charity or friends/family rather than thrown onto landfill!

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