Mary Tyler Moore – More Than a Fashion Icon

|Mary Tyler Moore was a beautiful and stylish American Actress, who we can’t help to remember for so much more than The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Yesterday we lost the exceptional Mary Tyler Moore. Aged 80, she had achieved much in her lifetime. Not to mention her incredible style, she was pushing the boundaries of what it was to be a woman back when they were so constrictive it was suffocating.

The Mary Tyler Moore show was centered around a working girl. Not only was she outspoken, she was also a divorcee – on prime time tv when divorce was still taboo and it is one of the most acclaimed television programs ever produced. Mary Tyler Moore championed the independent woman, she wore what she wanted and spoke her mind more often than not paying no heed to any controversy she caused.

Plus no one rocked a capri pant like her.

We need to remember her legacy and push forward, just the way she would have wanted us to.

Header via Vanity Fair

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