Is Corduroy The New Denim? Introducing Cords & Co.

| The first global fashion brand dedicated solely to the corduroy fabric; Cords & Co have come to made your corduroy clothes fashionable again.

It’s no news that the 70’s meets 90’s style hybrid is peaking this Autumn Winter and there’s only one fabric you’ll need to wear to tick all trend boxes, and that’s corduroy. Ridged, ribbed and velvety smooth, this hardworking fabric is the talk of the town.

Yup, corduroy is back – big time! But this time it’s in the shape of super-modern silhouettes from kick flare to box cut blazers. Basically, cords are the key to all the fashion secrets and there’s a new brand that’s blabbing. Introducing Cords & Co.

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Based in Stockholm and arriving in London next month, Cords & Co actually focuses their entire collection exculsively on yes thats right, Corduroy. Knowing that fashion is a roundabout of trends, cords were huge in the ’70s, big in the ’90s and are now making their third comeback. And if you don’t believe me? Just ask Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Prada and Mulberry, to name a few.

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And if the runways are nothing to go by, just check out Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s latest street style looks. Somehow, they have managed to turn a look fit for a geography teacher, into the must-have look of the season, whether it be a jacket, skirt, or trousers. Here’s a few tips on how you can wear yours.

On a jacket

Forget everything that springs to mind about professors, dusty libraries and baggy elbows – the new cord jacket is light, minimal and street-ready. Stick to those saucy tones, like mustard, tomato or HP. Pair with similar tones and a pair of classic converse to achieve peak cord coolness.

On trousers

The key to cords is to keep it tonally simple and the shapes interesting. Think all types of flare, from kick to bell and chuck on with a skinny rib tee or a pattered shirt if you want to go all Gucci.

On a skirt

Dipping your toe into the corduroy water, a skirt is the easy transferable trend for all those who favour the denim variety. Pair with some Vans for some street chic style.

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Even though the fabric is sure to be everywhere this season, the revival couldn’t have come at a better time for Cords & Co, who’s mission is to "spark the corduroy revolution," and from the looks of their sleek designs and polished cuts, they’re already well on their way!

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So if you’re looking for an easy way to add an extra dose of cool to your outfit, ditch the denim and give this throwback texture a try!

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