International Woman of the Year: Livia Firth

| The International Woman of The Year award is an inspirational and exceptional achievement and we know this woman deserved it. We bet Colin Firth is proud as punch.

Back in 2016, Harper’s Bazaar awarded environmental activist Livia Firth with ‘International Woman of The Year’, a huge step forward for the fashion industry as sustainability finally starts to take centre stage.

Livia Firth is the founder and creative director of Sustainability Advisory Agency ‘Eco Age’ and the developer of the Green Carpet Challenge and The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, with which she links Hollywood glamour to ethics and sustainability.

Firth is also co-founder of organisation ‘The Circle’ (representing the interests of the disadvantaged), an Oxfam Global Ambassador, recipient of the UN Leader of Change Award, and last but not least, an executive producer of iconic documentary ‘The True Cost’ about the immense consequences and dark realities of fast fashion.

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Interspersed with footage from ‘True Cost’, this video interviews Livia Firth about her passion for making change.

Video by Harpers Bazaar NL

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