The Legacy of Ikea’s Frakta Bag

| Being inspirational enough to be Balenciaga’s muse, the indestructible Frakta bag by IKEA deserves a noble prize for all the people it has helped and all the different work it can do.

30 years after its release, IKEA honours what might be the most hardworking and versatile bag in the world.

In the wake of IKEA fever (Balenciaga creates a Frakta bag lookalike and the fashion press laps it up, Instagram account @ikeaclothes sells blue-and-yellow , and the public goes wild for Ikea’s delightful comebacks on social media), this video is a heartfelt and relatable message from the brand about their most classic product, that attractive and functional design should be accessible to all.

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‘Finally 30 years after its release, we think it’s about time we honour what might be the most hardworking bag in the world. It’s been talked about, made into dog-ponchos, used as a fashion accessory and for exercising–and we think that’s great. But the truth is, this plain piece of plastic has an even bigger meaning than that, it summarises everything we believe in: That design, function, and quality shouldn’t be just for a few.’

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Video by IKEA

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