Kyra TV: PAQ Menswear Fashion Challenges

If you haven't yet joined the Kyra TV hype train, welcome to your new Youtube addiction. PAQ is Kyra's latest project, featuring four stylish London streetwear fanatics: Dex, Elias, Shaq and Danny, who set themselves ambitious fashion challenges each week. Dubbed 'Top Gear for Hypebeasts’, PAQ by Kyra TV is the first show in entertainment programming to cast a light on the youth phenomenon that is men’s fashion culture.

Watch our favourite picks from the channel here:

Dressing in Women's Clothes

In this episode, the boys step out of their comfort zones and see who can style the best outfit using women’s clothes.

Thrifting Secondhand Fits

In this episode, PAQ race against the clock to thrift the best second hand fits for £20.

Finding the World's Rarest Streetwear Pieces

In this episode, PAQ is going ham on the rarest mythical streetwear fits. Hunting for that 90's Supreme, original Stone Island, that vintage Raf, that unreleased Pastelle jacket from Kanye.

Testing Outerwear in the Wild

This episode sees the boys take some of the best outerwear-meets-streetwear, including Patta x Alpha Industries and Supreme x North Face, to the wilderness to see if it measures up.

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