Keep Your Make-Up In Check With These Handy Storage Solutions

If the prevalence of beauty gurus on Instagram and YouTube have turned you into a rabid beauty consumer, you’ll eventually reach a point where your make-up bag no longer cuts it as your main make-up ‘storage’ facility. If you’re looking to step up your organisation game when it comes to make-up, consider giving some of these handy storage solutions a go. Don’t worry, they’re all relatively cheap, leaving you with spare dollar to buy an extra brush or two.

Those IKEA plant pots

Crafted from white-coated steel with an ornate paper doily-esque design running around the top, those who aren’t Ikea fans will be fascinated to discover that Ikea’s bestselling SKURAR pots are actually designed to hold plants rather than all of your make-up brushes. I bought one four years ago for £2, and it’s still going strong. Consider it a modern classic.

Get one from IKEA for £2.

A rotating make-up organiser to keep everything in one place

A spinning tower of make-up? Sign us up, please! This handy rotating tower from Jerrybox is available in black, white or clear, in various shapes and sizes, so you can pick one that best fits your aesthetic. There’s something satisfying about arranging your products on this in the most Instagram-friendly way and then spinning it around to admire your hard work.

Get one via Amazon for £19.99.

Repurpose pretty pen pots

Here’s the thing: make-up brush pots are often overpriced, probably because they’re glossy pretty and marketed towards make-up fanatics, some of whom will readily spend £50 on a foundation because they’re easily swayed by fancy ad campaigns. However, there are tons of pretty pen pots out there that are infinitely prettier and cheaper. I love the burnished copper number displayed above, but there are tons of easy-on-the-eye options available. Try this leaf print cardboard one for £6.95, or this blingy bargain number with multiple compartments for just £2.50. If you’re an animal lover, you might like the pen pots from Quail Ceramics (from £16 – more spenny, yes, but so cute).

Get the copper pen pot pictured above from homeArama for £8.95.

Recycle empty glass candle jars

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If you read Into the Gloss’ Top Shelf series, you’ll already be aware that every self-respecting beauty lover has at least one empty Diptyque candle jar to stash their brushes, cotton buds or other beauty paraphernalia in. For those of us who can’t afford to literally burn money by buying a Diptyque candle (honestly, the thought of it makes me sob – though I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to give me one as a present, obvs), there are still plenty of glass-bound candles that’ll double up as pretty storage containers. Lily Flame makes lovely candles in glass containers, and Kiss the Moon creates beautiful 100% natural candles that come in compact frosted black jars.

Keep an eye on everything with clear acrylic drawers

What did beauty bloggers even do before acrylic storage became popular? You could argue that this is the most basic (in both senses of the word) way to store your make-up, but it’s also the most practical so you may as well get on board. If you’re a product hoarder and lose track of your possessions, using clear acrylic drawers and tubs will constantly remind you of what you have. Maybe you’ll buy less make-up when you realise how much you already own. Maybe.

Get the OG 5-drawer unit from Muji for £24.95.

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