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  • Is This The Most Instagrammable Place In London?

    Posted: June 12, 2018 Posted: June 12, 2018
    Is This The Most Instagrammable Place In London?

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Rebecca Dickson.

    How often will a trend transform something? Brunch, coffee and cafes have become a huge part of London life. Following from places like Melbourne who are known for the best coffee and the best brunch, us brits have upped our game and you can find so many great places to try.

    For anyone who loves East London and Pinterest esque inspo that is perfect for Instagram, then Palm Vaults is definitely a place to try.

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    I love the aesthetic of Palm Vaults. Everything is pink, marble with loads foliage. When you walk in, you'll see wall of plants and flowers. It feels like you have stepped right into a cafe in Miami. Everything looks plush and cosy. Pink, marble tables and vintage seating make the whole place look cluttered and retro in a wonderful way.

    The menu isn't too big but there is a variety to choose from. I tried one of the vegan brownies and loved the rich flavour and dense texture. They are known for their rainbow lattes, ranging from rose to matcha.

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    The one thing you notice as well as the overall look of Palm Vaults is the clientele. It's perfect for yummy mummies that want to catch up (although it's not the biggest so this can get a little crowded) but there will be lots of people popping in for a photo op.

    The bright colours and girly interior has attracted a flock of bloggers and instagrammers who are desperate to get that perfect shot. Just looking on the geotag of Palm Vaults on Instagram you will see hundreds of bright and vibrant pictures.

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    Do I think that Palm Vaults is the most instagrammable cafe in London? Yes, it definitely is.

    Would I recommend going? Of course, if you want to take some great pictures whilst grabbing a coffee then it's perfect. I would say you should pick the right time to go. It can get very busy so you can see queues out the door quite often. Choosing the right time means you can get yourself a seat rather than waiting on the edge for a takeaway cup of coffee!