Is ARKET Going to Reinvent The Way We Shop?

ARKET is the latest offering from Scandi Giants H&M. The company also owns Cos, & Other Stories, Monki, Weekday and Cheap Monday, so what are they offering with ARKET?

Well the concept is simple, it’s a store that will offer clothing, accessories & Home by ARKET, and those products will sit along side brands like Nike, Iris Hantverk and Nividas Stockholm.

With the rest of the Fash Pack revelling in the latest addition to the Scandi Scene, we have to ask, is this really anything new?

It’s a welcome addition to the British high-street which is increasingly seducing its shoppers with Scandi style. – Vogue

Sure the clothing is beautiful, minimal and looks to have the same standard of craftmanship as COS, but does the brand offer anything different for the consumer?

The brand are launching a section on Ducharne florals. Taking the archived prints and bringing them to life through a collection of simple garments, it will be interesting to see how well the collection does as for us, the only stand out item is the floral jumpsuit pictured above.

Established in Lyon on New Year’s Day, 1920, Francois Ducharne’s studio was one of the world’s most influential silk firms until it shut down in 1960. Its Paris workshop was a drawing studio employing more than 30 people, where Modernist ideas were translated into textile designs. Ducharne’s silk designs combined technical and aesthetic innovations, yet were also renowned for their simple beauty. They were collaborative works between artists and weavers, often inspired by flowers and foliage but also by abstract and geometrical shapes, and were made for fashion houses like Schiaparelli, Givenchy and Chanel. Some of the studio’s most important works coincided with the Art Deco movement of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Today, the Ducharne archive is a collection of 12,000 original artworks and artist proofs.

The store it’s self looks well worth a visit, if only to basque in the minimal Scandi vibes and feel that somehow, that effortless style that we all seem to strive for, is still just beyond our reach.

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Online the minimal theme continues and the highlight for me has to be the search function. Having everything illustrated makes searching for an item so much easier, and the addition of the colour wheel adds some much needed colour into the general feeling of the site. The real saving grace is the extra information included, like the history of specific styles & the information on pattern.

However I can’t help but think if this could all have been achieved by adding a homeware section to COS & revamping their website.

header image – Harpers Bazaar

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