Introducing Jazzelle Zanaughtti aka UglyWorldwide

| The gold grill you can’t miss to go with the personality you wouldn’t change. A Model? No. A Movement? Yes!

Napping on a sofa in Daphne Guinness’ office in Belgravia is 22-year-old Jazzelle Zanaughtti, a petite and unconventionally beautiful girl with a bleached, shaved head, gold grills, body piercings and sequins glued to her face, preparing to shoot with the man who ‘discovered’ her unrivalled style, Nick Knight. Flying from NYC to London and back again as demand grows for her unique look in the modelling industry and beyond, Jazzelle speaks for a generation of rebellious, individual change-makers.

From a bullied teen with zero self-confidence in a suburb of Detroit to a drag performer in Chicago to one of New York’s most sought-after models,

"Jazzelle is more than a model. She’s a movement. She’s a rule-breaker. She’s a fashion game-changer."

Watch the video below by i-D that gives an insight into Jazzelle’s world:

Jazzelle’s creative, alternative. style and carefree attitude has turned her into a Instagram sensation, with over 444k followers and a loyal cult fanbase.

"For Jazzelle, beauty is more than just the way you look, it’s exploring how you can transform yourself; a form of meditation, self exploration and expression that lead to Jazelle discovering her own inner peace. And thanks to her bleached head, shaved brows, gold grills and ultra chill vibe, she feels mighty fine thank you."

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