Interview with Safia Minney: Eco-Fashion Activist

Safia Minney is the founder of People Tree, author of ‘Slow Fashion’, ‘Slave to Fashion’ and ‘Naked Fashion’, and queen of all things ethical fashion. She is known for championing organic and eco-friendly fabrics, fair trade and worker’s rights, artisans and craftsmanship, and slow, sustainable style.

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In this interview, Trusted Clothes – an organization linking people, organizations, and brands that are ethical, environmentally friendly and health conscious- profiles Safia Minney, exploring her life, work, and undeniable passion.

The eco-activist discusses her ongoing social enterprising projects and grassroots efforts to promote a better fashion industry, along with her collaboration with Trusted Clothes. One cannot help but admire her zeal for the ethical fashion movement, using her brand People Tree as a platform for genuine change.

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