Interview With Isolated Heroes Founder Samantha Paton

|Isolated Heroes’ Samantha Paton has proven that starting your own brand and being a girl boss go hand in hand. The Dundee based brand is fierce and beautiful.

Isolated Heroes is a break the mold Fashion Brand based in Dundee Scotland, we caught up with Founder and CEO Samantha Paton to find out her plans for the Brand, what she’s learned from staring her own business and what advice she has for anyone looking to make it in the fashion industry.

"Specializing in hand-embellished and embroidered items, Isolated Heroes creates oversized silhouettes and vivid colour palettes and is renowned for its innovative use of luxury faux-fur and sequins. Launched in 2012 by CEO Samantha McEwen, off the back of her acclaimed graduate collection, Isolated Heroes has grown to become one of the most visually striking contemporary brands in the UK. Informed by its characteristic hyperreal aesthetic, the brand has developed a cult-like following, being worn by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Foxes, Pixie Lott, Molly King and the Confetti Crowd, as well as collaborating with Paloma Faith, The X-Factor and Marina And the Diamonds."

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