Instagram is updating it’s algorithm (again) Confirms shadowbanning isn’t a thing!

You’ve heard it a thousand times already but Instagram is updating it’s algorithm AGAIN, clearing up a few myths we’ve heard on the grape grid..

OK, so it may feel like Instagram announces they’re updating their algorithm more times than we’ve quoted MISS VANNNJIEEE as of late. But word around the grid is the social media app is rolling out a brand spanking new algo that will actually show you what you want to see, and we could not be more ready.


TechCrunch announced last week that IG is taking a few more things into consideration to make an algorithm we’re all happy with. Basically they want to create a feed unique to each account based on a user’s past behavior and how they interact with others. Simply put, if you are forever liking and commenting on @tasteofstreep, then it’s more than likely Instagram will show you that style of post at the top of your feed. This has (apparently) been the case for a while, however Instagram is now wanting to take into consideration your friends and family before deciding what comes first on your feed, and it’s about bloody time.

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We’ve been complaining about the new, the new new, and the newest algorithm since they came into play. But now, the newest of the new algorithms (still with me?) has been designed to actually show content posted by your “friends and family” instead of those power accounts of over 100K+ following. Basically, if you engage with them at all, then IG sees you honey.

But how does Instagram figure out which accounts fall under our friends and cool smaller accounts? Well, here’s what you need to know:

1. IG Predictions

Instagram is trying to predict how much you’ll care about a post. They do this by using their own internet witchcraft, reviewing your past interactions with different types of content and accounts. So if you’ve liked your fair share of French Bulldog puppies in the past, Instagram’s going to guess that you’re interested in other posts involving French Bulldogs and will boost those posts up on your feed.

2. Time

While this won’t bring back the chronological feed (we’re gutted too) Instagram’s new algorithm promises to prioritize recent posts rather than old ones. Yes, that means allegedly we will no longer be caught out liking posts from 5 days ago even though your favourite blogger has posted 3 times since then. ABOUT, TIME, INSTAGRAM!

3. Relationships

The case stays the same; the more you like and comment on a persons posts or tag them on your own photos, the more likely you are to see that persons content on the top of your feed. Your constant interaction with certain users signals to Instagram which of the people you follow falls under the category of “friends and family”, so if you want to see more of someone’s posts, comment and like!


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Aside from these three factors, you may have noticed that quite a bit has changed around the platform we love to hate. Most recently, they’ve started tracking how frequent you open and scroll down your feed, so those who use Instagram more often (HELLO) will have feeds that more chronological than those who don’t. If you are only on every once and a while, prepare for Instagram to play the internet’s biggest guessing game.

Also, if you follow thousands of accounts it’s now going to be even more difficult to see every post from everyone you follow. So, if there are accounts you don’t really like seeing, you now have the choice of either unfollowing or muting those accounts. So if you are one of many who’s forced to follow your highschool BFF due to friendship politics, at least you don’t need to see their badly lit flat lays anymore.

What’s also interesting, while announcing the necessary updates, IG wanted to clear up a couple things floating around the rumourmill and they sure were interesting:

  • Contrary to popular belief, Instagram does not boost a business page more than a personal page and vice versa – it’s equal opportunities as they move over to the user journey
  • Videos will no longer perform better, as Instagram’s “feed ranking does not favor the photo or video format universally.”
  • Using other parts of the app, like Instagram Stories or Instagram Live won’t boost your posts on other people’s feed anymore (waaah)
  • The new algorithm doesn’t mind how frequently you upload, so you don’t have to worry about how often or seldom you post.
  • Feel free to update your Instagram hashtags, as the app no longer hides posts that contain “too many hashtags.”
  • Shadowbanning is not a real thing (!!!) and Instagram says it doesn’t hide people’s content for posting too many hashtags or taking other actions, it’s really about engaging content and if the users and followers like it, then so will Instagram.


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So there you have it! In a nutshell Instagram wants to prioritise fresher content again, and that can (hopefully) only be a good thing. They will still push content that has a quicker and higher engagement, so if you want your content seen, you gotta create things with traction. What would you comment? Keep your posts egaging, meaningful and relevant “” and not forgetting to interact back with your followers! Are you excited to see if the new algorithm makes a difference? Let us know over on @_fashionfixdaily.

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