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  • The Inspiration You Need To Wear More Colour

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    Posted: July 04, 2017 Posted: July 04, 2017
    The Inspiration You Need To Wear More Colour

    | Is your wardrobe black upon black, and a bit more black? Then you're in the right place. We've got some inspiration that will make you dress like a rainbow.

    I suppose you could say I am some sort of exotic fashion animal, considering I work in the industry and don't wear - or like - wearing black. Even during my teen goth years, I was inclined to gravitate to colour, wrapping my wrists in jelly bangels and tights with each colour of the rainbow ticked off within my outfit. Fast forward 15 years and not much has changed.

    Well, a lot has changed, but my love for colour hasn't. True, black is considered safe and flattering, but nothing can shake up your wardrobe than a splash of colour. Especially with the high street dropping hues that would make Pantone jealous.

    While some (like myself) have embraced the H2T colour blocking and/or one colour dressing, my favourite trend of the season has got to be the new mix of clashes we've been seeing. From zesty greens mixed with tangerine dreams, millennial pinks with sunshine yellow, cornflower blues mixed with pillerbox reds, my eyes have never felt so satisfied.

    I've never been a fan of rules (pink and red have always been a firm favourite of mine) but this season we're giving two fingers up to what should go together, and opening our mind to new colour possibilities. It's about using the full crayon box people, so here's some great ways and colour combos to give you the inspiration to ditch the darkness and jump into those rainbow brights!

    All For One

    If wearing all the black is your security blanket, sometimes it's best to jump off the deep end when it comes to colour. Wearing H2T may sound OTT, but I've actually found dressing one colour is such a fun and easy way to dress. I even re-organised my wardrobe into colour sections so I can just open it up and grab my shade of the day!

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    There's nothing I love more than being surprised by colour combos. There's a lot of pink, green and yellow cropping up and I love seeing people play with them - especially altogether! Best way to play this game is take a print and wear most (if not all) the colours around it. Think vintage, think appliques, think outside the wardrobe. "Wrong" colour combos never looked so right.

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    Choose a hue

    Okay, I know I may sound like a hypocrite telling anyone to quit a colour (or shade), but if you can't stop wearing black, challenge yourself to find your colour. There's a colour for everyone and once you find it any purchase within that boundry won't be a lost one. Never again will you have the buyers remorse for trying something different. Best place to start? A good jacket is the perfect way to dip your toe in colourful waters.

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    All Prints Are Good Prints

    Forget everything you have ever known about dressing prints. Literally, throw it out the window and let's start again. Now, take your favourite prints and put them all on your body. Now, look in the mirror. Told you so.

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    Accessorise It

    Green may be the colour of the year but nothing has had quite the hype like millennial pink. It is legit, everywhere (thanks Gucci) so take advantage of the sickly sweet and pair your favourite dress with coordinated accessories. Pink background not included.

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    Tell me if I'm wrong, but usually people who wear black wear white. And if you can wear white, you can wear pastel. Capish?

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