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  • Influencers Added To 2016's Most Influential People in Fashion Retail

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    Posted: January 02, 2017 Posted: January 02, 2017
    Influencers Added To 2016's Most Influential People in Fashion Retail

    Influencers Added To 2016's Most Influential People in Fashion Retail.

    Yes, it may read like a headline from everyone's favourite news source The Onion but the inclusion of 'influencers' as a broad group in Draper's Top 100 for 2016 is a genuine thing.

    Read the list in full over at Drapers.com

    Coming in at no. 69, the most influential people in fashion retail list has now tipped its fabulous imaginary hat to Bloggers, YouTubers, and Snapchat stars. Industry respect at last?

    Instagram Celebrities

    Over 29 million posts are listed with the #fashionblogger hashtag over on Instagram.

    The industry's love/hate relationship with the millennial tastemaker remains a work in progress. Earlier this year Vogue described fashion bloggers as heralding the "death of style" despite their most engaged Instagram image being a regram from an influencer.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 of hypocrisy, Vogue scored a very elite 10. That is indeed a club few could ever get into.

    As recently as last weekend The Sunday Times joined in on the mean-spiritedness-thinly-disguised-as-comedy with "24 hours with a beauty vlogger". If it's actual satire you're after, I'd recommend checking out The Bugle which is a podcast you can hear on Soundcloud.

    Industry Recognition

    Drapers' inclusion of influencers is more than creating a talking point. It is recognition of how far the 'I'll do it myfuckingself' approach to creating your own online brand has lifted individuals into a new place in the fashion retail eco-system.

    If ambition truly does bite the nails of success then those using new media as a gateway to bigger and better things, should not be underestimated.

    Having achieved so much purely off the back of their own hard work, imagine what they could achieve with a team and resources behind them.

    As more brands divert a bigger percentage of their marketing budgets to influencers, expect more handbags at ten paces behaviour in 2017. Old media insecurity expresses itself in many ways. Cheap shots will always look, well, cheap.

    We'll be keeping an eye on Drapers to see what influencer coverage emerges in the new year and beyond.