Independent Jewellery Designers in Scotland

Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? Well you could say that stunning handmade independent jewellery will put a bigger smile on her face, but we could be biased.

We have rounded up the best Scottish jewellery designers for you, from perspex & rubber to precious metals and avant garde creations there is something for everyone.

Ruth A Morrison – Ruth creates silver jewellery with offcuts of Harris Tweed to make beautiful limited edition items. Inspired by her home in the Outer Hebrides, the jewellery is sure to make a statement. The rings are especially beautiful,

Heather McDermott – Heather McDermott specialises in contemporary jewellery made from stainless steel & precious metals.

Katherine Agnew – Intricately patterned jewellery made all the more beautiful by precious stones. Katherine pierces the repeat patterns by hand, creating extremely personal, one-off pieces.

Kate McLaughlin – Taking inspiration from her architectural background, Kate creates stunning silver Jewellery. Using negative space as a construct the jewellery created is both chic & eye-catching.

Beth Lamont – Colourful & unusual ceramic jewellery made with the intention of creating pieces that stand out and make a statement about the wearer and their individual style.

Bonnie Bling – The ultimate in Scottish Slang jewellery, Bonnie Bling creates stand out pieces made from acrylic in her Glasgow studio. Also offering a range of homeware, Christmas decorations and accessories Bonnie Bling has all your acrylic needs covered.

Rhona McCallum – Sculptural, statement jewellery in silver and gold. Every single item has a hammered look with veins of silver or gold running through them, creating stunning statement pieces.

Katie Lees Jewellery – Is there anything better than statement rings? How about stackable statement rings? Katie creates the most stunning rings, perfect for that special someone.

Smith & Gibb – Chevrons, tassels & enamel, Smith & Gibb creates colourful, statement jewellery.

Scarlett Cohen French – Experimental enamel jewellery might not sound like something you need in your life, but trust me when I say that you will fall in love with this collection as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Jane Harrison Jewellery – Beautiful patterned Enamel Jewellery and silver cluster necklaces and rings.

Laurence And Lolita – Rubber jewellery is maybe not what you think of when you, well, when you think of anything really! Laurence And Lolita make amazing statement creations out of rubber. You have to see them to believe them.

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Grainne Morton Jewellery – Ever dreamed of Avant garde earrings? Then Grainne Morton is the brand for you. The face earrings have to be my favourite pair.

Kirsten Manzi –  Creates Simple Silver Jewellery inspired by architectural elements and bold geometric forms. The simple and clean lines of Kirsten’s work make it timeless & classic.

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Jennifer Lemon Designs – Hand Painted monochrome Jewellery and Accessories made in Glasgow.

Lisa Crockard – Stackable silver rings, statement necklaces and elegant earrings, Lisa Crockard has something for all tastes.

Lynne MacLachlan – Stunning & unusual 3D printed jewellery, Lynne creates visual delights in her necklaces, rings and earrings. After studying aerospace engineering, Lynn created multi-material 3D jewellery that will definitely make a statement.

Appin and Third – Stunning and simple jewellery made in Leith in Edinburgh. Circular shapes and marble create an interesting contrast.

Marion Made Jewellery – Inspired by shapes, pattern and texture, contemporary designs are brought to life using sterling silver and 18ct yellow and rose gold vermeil with semi-precious stones.

Scarlett Erskine Jewellery -Scarlett creates both wearable and statement pieces €“ each with their own carefully crafted unique textures and character. I love the hammered finish on the oval necklace.

Eve Balashova – Creating jewellery with soft flowing curves and balancing between traditional hand skills and digital technology. Eve uses a mixture of 3d printed nylon and Sterling silver to bring her ideas to life.

Emma Louise Wilson – Simple and elegant jewellery that’s easy to wear for every day. Made from Enamel and Silver Emma creates pieces that will fit in seamlessly with your jewellery collection.

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