How To Pronounce The Hardest Names In Fashion

| Don’t embarrass yourself to the biggest names in the fashion world, and make sure you learn the correct way to pronounce those tongue twisting names.

If you want to work in the fashion industry, you can’t be pronouncing top designer and brands incorrectly, it’s the ultimate fashion faux pas.

There are so many common mispronunciations that I hear on a daily basis, so let’s get things straight before it’s too late. And it does happen, trust me- one of my senior lecturers in fashion marketing constantly says big brand names wrong, it’s unbearable!

Here’s how to pronounce some of the most common mistakenly pronounced fashion names (be sure to watch the video at the base of this post for some excellent examples!):

  • Loewe: loo-ev-ay
  • Comme des Garcons: com-du-gar-sohn
  • Moschino: moss-keen-oh
  • Balmain: bahl-man
  • Erdem: air-dem
  • Hermes: Err-mezz
  • Givenchy: jivv-ahn-she
  • Proenza Schoeler: pro-ensa-skool-a
  • Nike: naik-ee
  • Yves Saint Laurent: ees-sahnt-lor-ant
  • Versace: verr-sach-ay
  • Zegna: zen-yah
  • Salvatore Ferragamo: sall-va-tour-ay-fur-aga-mo
  • Gosha Rubchinskiy: gosh-ah-roo-binch-ski

And the list could go on and on…watch this kitsch clip from i-D for a demo of how to pronounce some of the hardest names in fashion too!

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