How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

| Whether you’re wearing a matte lipstick or a liquid lipstick, it never stays as long as you’d like it to. Here’s how to eat your burger and still keep those luscious lips painted.

One of the main bugbears about lipstick is that it never stays put. Whether that’s because you’re enjoying a particularly delicious meal, or just due to the wear and tear of daily office life, it always seems to look patchy or end up smeared across our faces. There are ways, however, to make your lipstick last longer – it’s all in the preparation.


Tools –You will need cream cleanser, muslin cloth, cotton pads, micellar water, lip balm, lip liner, and your lipstick of choice.


Step 1 – Apply a generous amount of cream facial cleanser to your lips, wrap a section of muslin cloth around your finger and rub over your lips in small circular movements to exfoliate them for a minute. Then remove the remainder of the cream cleanser from your lips with a cotton pad and some micellar water.


Step 2 – Apply a generous layer of lip balm to your lips and take a few seconds to massage it in. Then, get on with doing the makeup on the rest of your face and dab a small amount of concealer over your lips. By exfoliating your lips and applying lip balm, you are removing dead skin and moisturising your lips so that you can get as smooth a surface as possible for your lipstick to cling on to and look its best. The light layer of concealer will act as a primer for your lip liner and lipstick; helping them to last on your lips longer. It will also neutralise the colour of your lips so that you can achieve as close to the bullet shade as possible.


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Step 3 – Next, outline your lips with your lip liner and then colour in the rest of your lips with the liner too. This will, again, help to give your lipstick something to cling on to.

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Step 4- Apply a thin layer of lipstick all over your lips, lightly blot, and then apply a second layer. By applying your lipstick in several thin layers, it will wear off slower than if you apply in in one thick layer. Now it’s time to get kissing, eating or pouting.

Quick tips –

To create as flawless a finish as possible, find as close a lip liner shade to your lipstick colour as you can.

A peppermint lip balm will naturally plump your lips to give you a fuller-looking pout.

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