How To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Instagram stories have become part of our day to day life, and whilst all are a sneek peek at the behind the scenes from our favourite accounts, some are undoubtedly more curated than others.

When I think of the stories I love to watch there are two main themes, honesty and beauty. Yes I want to see your day to day life, but I also want it with a cute filter.

Some stories have morphed into online moodboards, scrapbooks and mini youtube videos. These are the next level instagram stories, and they have shared their secrets!

Julia from Stylonylon & Carrie from Wish Wish Wish create the most beautiful instagram stories and they have both shared their top apps & tips. I’ve downloaded every app suggested, as well as some I’ve found over the past year, and had a little play around. So here are the top apps for upping your Instagram Stories to editorial heights.

Free Apps (some in app purchases)

Glitche Makes your images into gif’s using filters. This takes a bit of fiddling about but the amount of filters make it totally worth it.

Hype Type This adds animated text your your images, there is loads to choose from and you can change colours to make it match any image.

In Shot This creates a box around your image and you can change the background on them. You can also add some video filters like the ones in Glitch.

A Color Story Recently A colour Story expanded and now they let you pop their beautiful filters over videos!

Vont Vont lets you add text over videos, you can change the size/colour/shape and there are plenty of ones to choose from.

See Also

Lumyer Ever seen a photo video with snow, moving water or moving birds? Well they probably edited it in Lumyer. Much easier to use than photoshop and can be used on images too.

Photogrid Great for photo collages and polaroid style themes. It also has a scrapbook feature and loads of stickers to play with.

Crop Video This does what it says on the tin! Allows you to crop videos to fit into stories and trim them to size.

Pay Monthly Apps

Over Described as Photoshop in your pocket it adds different text and fonts to videos.

VideoLeap Videoleap lets you layer videos over images, add music, text and filers. It’s basically a one stop shop for your Instagram Stories!

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