Gift Ideas For The Fashionable Girl Who Has Everything: What To Buy

| The usual search of "What do I buy the girl who has everything?" If she’s daft about fashion, then we are answering your prayers with this article. She won’t be disappointed.

Yup, you know the ones. The ones who are lets just say, particular and more often than not have extremely unique (or expensive) taste, making Christmas shopping one hell of a challenge. So what do you do? Forget stuffing a card full of cash, and instead take a new approach – stalk them. You know, on instagram.

That’s right, insta stalking your loved ones is basically the worlds best kept Christmas shopping secret. Well, until now. The key in buying for these Christmas enigmas is about finding the brands they love – the ones that you don’t know about – by some good old fashioned insta-stalking. With just a short browse through their tagged images and a quick scroll through their follow list, you could be well on your way to finding the buried Christmas treasure. You’re welcome!

Clicked through all the OOTD’s and still got nothing? Don’t worry, here’s 7 fashion-girl approved picks to get those present finding juices flowing.

Skinny Dip X Simpsons Clutch

We’ve been big fans of Skinny Dip London ever since they brought affordable sassiness into our wardrobes a few years back. Little did we know they would blow our pop culture minds with their latest collab with our favourite Simpsons characters. If you open this on Christmas day, you’re one lucky Moe and so. £30

Vivienne Westwood Brooch by Lou Taylor

Brooches are severely underestimated when it comes to gifts and Lou Taylor is basically your one stop shop for capturing iconic styles. From Westwood to Iris Apfel, no winter coat should be without one. £50

Sushi Socks

Let her favourite food reflect on her feet with these super cute sushi sock set from Urban Outfitters. You know, for that aesthetically pleasing insta post, she’ll love you for it. £15

Something fluffy

If theres one thing I know about accessorising, it’s that you can never have too many fluffy things to accent your outfit, like this XXL patchwork beauty from Topshop. £35

See Also

Cactus Vase

If there was some sort of equation that would solve buying presents for the fashion lover, it would probably go something like this: cute+vase+flowers = perfect instagram pic. I mean, just think of the possibilities of this cactus vase from Amazon. £32

A Chouchou Couture Hood

Protect that blow dry all year round with a luxurious furry hood from Chouchou Couture. As practical as it is – and also seriously stylish – these handmade hoods are the ultimate gift for any fashion lover. The only problem is, which one do you choose?! From £90

Karen Mabon Scarf

When she has literally everything – maybe even an already existing Karen Mabon – there is one thing you should know… You can never have too much Karen Mabon. £110

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