How to Decide What's Luxury When Vintage Shopping

Hamish Bowles visits Francois Auget, a vintage dealer and owner of a tiny shop called Ragtime, on the Left Bank in Paris. Hamish loves the challenge of her shop, which is always teeming with a cluster of items ranging from the ordinary to the outrageously luxurious.

A key tip for a successful vintage haul here is be prepared to hunt! If you really want to find those hidden gems amongst the endless rails of clothing with little value, don't expect a quick and easy shopping spree, put your best vintage hunting head on and look out for high-end labels (remember-the brands may not seem cool or relevant in 2017, but in their day the brand could have been creating clothing at the height of luxury - do your research!) and key signs of quality, like fabrics, finishings, seams and embellishments.

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Watch the video below for the expert insight:

Video and photos by Vogue

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