How Sportswear Became the Fashion Norm

| Fashion designers are embracing the athleisure trend as gymwear is no longer just for going to the gym in. You can wear your sports bra and trainers wherever you want now.

"It’s just fashion. I think it’s kind of rude to call it ‘streetwear’ or ‘sportswear’. You don’t play sport in it, do you? Streetwear – what are you saying? That it’s what people wear on the street? People wear all clothes on the street. It’s fashion. Why don’t they just call it fashion?" – Nasir Mazhar

As sportswear styles have become more prevalent on the catwalks year upon year, SHOWstudio interviewed a series to investigate the cultural significance of 4 key shapes that have changed the face of fashion.

The Tracksuit

Fashion Director of GQ Style Elgar Johnson discusses the tracksuit, referencing chav culture, brand loyalty and his personal experiences with the tracksuit’s social stigma.

The Stan Smith

Creative consultant Gary Aspden provides a case study on the cultural history of the trainer using the Stan Smith as a springboard for his analysis.

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The Hoodie

Writer Gary Warnett offers a cultural and social history of the hoodie, citing references as diverse as E.T, Rocky, Dexys Midnight Runners and Juice and unpicking the stigma associated with the garment.

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Photographer Jason Evans about his favourite Patagonia down jacket, referencing club culture, capitalism and consumer culture.

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