How Pantone’s Colour of the Year can Improve Your Life

| We religiously rely on the Pantone colour matching system, and now we believe that a single colour can represent a whole future year.

Each year the Pantone Colour Institute picks one shade to bring represent the year, expressing current trends and attitudes, and this year it is PANTONE 15-0343, Greenery. The fresh, zesty bright green represents growth, nature and hope amid the hugely chaotic world we live in. But how can you incorporate not just the colour, but its symbolic meaning, in your everyday life?

Greenery represents new beginnings, something on everyone’s mind as winter starts to move behind us. The new year is the perfect time to give your wardrobe a refresh, and green is going to be everywhere this spring, so inject some nature into your style with a lime green cross body bag or forest green biker jacket. Another way to embrace Pantone’s colour of the year is to shop green. This means looking for organic natural fibres in your fabrics, shopping from local brands with transparent supply chains, and researching into the designers you love to see if their practice is sustainable. The earth isn’t worth destroying for the latest fast fashion fad.

In food, green has been popular for years, from kale smoothies to buddha bowls, and of course its never a bad idea to add more leafy green veg into your diet. Consider too the carbon footprint of your meals. How far have those summer berried travelled so they can be enjoyed in wintery Britain? How polluting is the meat and dairy industry to the environment? Is it worth spending a little more to ensure harmful chemicals aren’t used in the growing of your dinner ingredients?

Finally, you can incorporate Greenery and what it represents into your home. Bring the outside in, whether its a gigantic cheese plant or some cute little cacti, filling your house with plants and flowers helps improve the air, and the lush green colours create a calming, relaxing space.

How would you use Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, to improve your life?

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