The Health & Beauty Books to Get Your Friends This Christmas

| Must-read beauty & health books that you can gift your loved ones. A thoughtful gift that won’t be returned this Christmas.

Books are thoughtful and make treasured gifts, and if you’re wondering what to get your friends this Christmas, these health and beauty reads are entertaining and beneficial, as well as being stylish coffee table additions.

Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look at the Beauty Products That Changed the World by Sali Hughes

£12.49 Amazon

Acclaimed beauty journalist Sali Hughes brings you her take on the iconic beauty products from the past and the present, and a look at what we can expect from the future of the beauty industry. Reminisce with her about beauty that has changed our lives and read her take on what makes a beauty product innovative, collectable and memorable.

Face by Pixiwoo

£9.99 Amazon

This is THE beauty book of the year. YouTubers and professional makeup artists Pixiwoo, aka sisters Nic Haste and Sam Chapman, basically teach you everything they know in this essential makeup manual. There are tutorials, tips on the best tools and a look at great application techniques. The images in this book are just stunning too.

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking

£4.99 Amazon

The Danish work Hygge doesn’t have an exact translation – it basically means everything that is cosy and warming to the soul, such as reading a book with fluffy socks and scented candles, or a home-cooked meal with friends. It’s the way to live and so many people are adopting this book as their mantra this winter. There are so many tips on how to make your life happier and more soothing.

Eat Beautiful: Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out by Wendy Rowe

£13.60 Amazon

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Respected skincare and makeup expert Wendy Rowe shares all her tips on how to achieve great skin – from the products to use and the food to eat. There are recipes, product recommendations and amazing alphabetical breakdowns of food and skincare ingredients with information on how they benefit our skin. If you have a skin complaint you want to help, or you just want to learn how to make your skin naturally glow more, pick up this healthy beauty bible.

About Face: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Beauty by Aisling McDermott & Laura Kennedy

£16.58 Amazon

This is the book for anyone who wants to get more into makeup and skincare but is confused by all the different products and techniques. Irish Times beauty writers Aisling McDermott & Laura Kennedy translate all the jargon, share their beauty routines with you and give you their tips on the products that work well.

Main Image – Laura Pearson-Smith for A Life With Frills

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