Gucci Garden

The video shows Gucci’s A/W’17 collection in the most beautiful of locations, Garden of Ninfa which is near Rome, Italy.

Gucci takes inspiration from creationism in this video with visual references to the garden of Eden and the Story of Adam and Eve. The garden is beautifully highlighted and contrasted with pops of colours, intricate prints and unexpected textures in the clothing.

The references to serpents and forbidden fruit are unmissable in the video. The concept is striking and needs no explanation and this creates a tremendous level of expectation for the video and collection, I’m pleased to tell you that Gucci didn’t let us down.

The Collection is called The Alchemist Garden and EVERYONE, providing that they don’t live under a rock has seen a snippet of it. Rihanna’s Sparkly Coachella look that we all saw, and loved was straight off the runway.

The use of creationism in the video overall is ingenuous as Gucci’s new logo symbol is the Ouroboros, a snake devouring it’s own tail which represents a creation of sorts €œa process of self-renewal€. The detail in the video will not disappoint you; from the animals (yes there’s a unicorn) to the actual clothing. Let us know what you think.

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