Fathers Day Presents: Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Like

| The best gift ideas for this Fathers Day, that we can guarantee your dad won’t throw away when you aren’t looking. Prepare for the brownie point overflow.

Let’s get real for a second. It’s time to show our dads some love. Because soon it’s the one (official) day of the year when we’re completely obliged to listen (and laugh) at their terrible dad jokes. Which, lets face it, have enriched our lives, no matter how terrible. So how do we repay the favour?

Shopping for a Father’s Day gift shopping can be a pretty puzzling task. If you’re anything like me and you’ve got one of those dads who claims he already has everything he needs – which quickly sends you into a tantrum demanding that you want to give him something he’ll love – we here at FFD have all the answers. One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to dad shopping, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to suit every man, even the kind of stuff dad probably wouldn’t pick up himself. Whether he’s a rocker, cocktail maker, outdoorsman, TV snacker, or perhaps just pretty damn cool. We’ve got a treat with his name written all over it!

For the dad who loves movies…

A portable projector that fits in his pocket and connects to his smartphone for easy streaming anywhere.

Smartphone Movie Projector, £12

For the dad who still plays with toys…

A chance to try an action-sports drone at a fraction of the cost. CAN WE GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY MUM?! WE’LL TAKE PHOTOS!

Camera Drone, £69.99

For the dad who loves music…

Keep his head wrapped in the latest tech with these awesome wireless headphones.

Studio Sweden Wireless headphones, £119

For the dad who’s all about Golf…

A way to analyze his swings and get training tips from PGA pros. A sure fire way to get him to update his Nokia 3210 to something a little more hightech too!

Zepp Golf 2 Kit, £120

For the dad who likes some spice…

For the father who covers all his culinary cooking bases, Entube’s chile pastes are a must have. In addition to harissa, Entube also offers a curry paste that will spice up just about any meal.

Entube’s chile paste, £6

For the dad who needs to get out more…

Fit Bits have completely revolutionised our awareness of how much we move (or how little!) This one even comes with a tracker with a built-in breathing timer for relaxation exercises, helping dad find his Zen.

Fitbit Charge 2, £119

For the dad you like to laugh at…

If you haven’t watched Virtual Reality Headset trials on YouTube then you must be a kind of person who spends their time being productive. Have a laugh for all the family and set your Pops up with a Virtual Reality Headset.

Headset, £119

For the Dad who loves a cocktail…

For the fathers building their bartending cred, there’s Taste’s monthly cocktail subscription with original recipes and house-made ingredients. Its website comes complete with how-to videos, a bar-terms glossary, and tips and tricks for extra training.

Taste’s Cocktail Subscription, £29

For the dad who loves a gadget…

A simple way to connect all of his smart devices under one roof. Watch out, Big Brother is watching (or Dot as it may seem!)

Amazon Echo Dot, £49.99

For the dad who loves Apple…

It’s not a watch €” it’s a lifestyle. Chip in with all your brothers and sisters and give your dad an extra special treat this Fathers Day!

See Also

Apple Watch, £269

Where all else fails? Gin.

If your dad always has to have his G&T just so, let him put his DIY skills where his mouth is to craft his very own at-home cocktails.

Homemade Gin, £35.99

Lunch on you

We all know however lovely, these days are a ploy from card companies. So if celebrating with physical gifts isn’t your style, give him the gift of your time and make him his favourite sandwich with his tea (or gin) just the way he likes it. After all, we’re sure that’s all he would ever want anyway.

Hope all you Daddio’s have the best day, Happy Father’s Day!

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