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There's only one person who takes the biscuit when Christmas shopping and it has got to be your other half. When it comes to settling on a gift for your beloved — whether that be your S.O., your sibling, your best friend, your steppie, your boss, your grandpa, or anyone else — the pressure is on. You want to impress them with something different, meaningful, and something you know they’ll actually use. But that, my friends, is a tough tough mystery to find. I mean they are your #1. So, to help you get it right this year, we’ve rounded up 10 gifts from functional to fancy in the hopes you find the perfect match for your, arm, perfect match.

RHA Headphones from £89

Designed in Glasgow since 2011, RHA has developed a range of innovative audio products featuring pioneering designs, the finest durable materials, and most importantly, the ability to deliver true-to-life sound reproduction.

Dick Winters Boxers £28

A wonderful way to show off that sporting prowess on the sports field, in the gym, or simply in-front of the flat screen! And, as each pair is crafted from British microfibre, these Sporty boxers will genuinely keep one cool and dry under the most active of circumstances. Designed and made in Glasgow no less.

GANT Rugger Block Jacquard Jumper £120

Keep him styling through to 2017 in this cosy GANT Rugger jumper, take you from Christmas day right through to the next Sunday lunch.

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera £109

Update the polaroid lover in the family to the digital age with this printing and digital Polaroid camera.

Abott Lyon Watch £89.99

Got a guy who likes to keep it classic? Give him some extra eye candy (you know, apart from yourself) with this stunning watch from Abott Lyon.

Trakke Hat

Keep him cozy with this chunky woolly hat from Scottish accessory designers Trakke.

Handy Charger £99

For the one who's phone always runs out of battery, make sure that shit never happens on your watch again!

Merkur 700 Futur Razor £49

Tell him you are ready to see his face again with this Double Edge FUTUR Razor with Duoclip and adjustable blades. Buh bye beardy.

IOLLA Sunglasses £65

Fella always squinting in the sun? Sort him out with a new pair of IOLLA sunglasses just £65 with or without prescription.

Simpsons Pin £6

Give a nod to his favourite childhood cartoon while upping his accessory anti with this awesome Simpsons pin from Punky Pins.

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