Get Your Hair Axed Because Scissors Are Too Basic

We are all picky about what hair dressers we go to right?
And the biggest worry, besides hating your hair, is the service in the salon and all that comes with it, the boring chit chat, the endless clip clip of the scissors…well no more!

The Russian hairstylist, Daniil Istomin has changed the game and has managed to earn the nickname, The Siberian Sweeney Todd. What is this technique that he uses that has earned him the name? The video below shows all you need to know. Before you watch though, I must warn you, it is a bit different. Maybe even avant garde if you would go as far as calling it that. There are many things we could call his style of hairdressing, we could get really creative with this one, over the top might be accurate. Check out the video below.

Now, how many of you ladies and gentlemen would be willing to lay your head down on a wooden block knowing that an axe will be coming down with an excessive amount of force? Hair is just dead cells and we can get rid of it whatever way we want but is the desire for creativity and art greater the desire to keep your fingers? Or your head even?

This is a nerve-racking way to achieve the latest look in my opinion, but to each his own. Would you be willing to put yourself on the chopping bloc?

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