From Govan to Gucci - We Explore The Rise of Male Model Connor Newall

Male model Connor Newall, who at 18 years old, has become Scotland's most fashionable export.

Connor is signed with Glasgow agency Model Team, and has starred in campaigns for the likes of Gucci, Lacoste, Stone Island, DSqaured2 and even Vogue.

Still just a teenager, Connor Newall is one of the most successful models ever to come out of Scotland. The 18 year-old is in high demand and the upper echelons of the fashion world all want to work with the rising star.

Turning his back on a potential career in the Govan shipyards or the British army, Connor instead travels the world, often on his own, fulfilling the demands of a punishing schedule.

While keeping in touch with his family when he can, Connor shoots with the top photographers, is dressed by the best stylists and parties with famous celebrities.

You can follow the story of Glasgow-born Connor As he lives the life of a modern day model, travelling in Europe and to New York on various assignments on the BBC now.

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