Fracking Giant Ineos Has Bought British Heritage Brand Belstaff

The brand – a favourite of Hollywood actor Steve McQueen and Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara – has been acqiured by Chemical Giant Ineos in a move by Billionaire Owner Jim Ratcliffe to expand the companies portfolio.

Ineos are responsible for pushing fracking in the UK and its latest legal move to impose a sweeping injunction against all campaigners protesting over its fracking operations has been met with distain from campainers and Green MPs.

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Any campaigner may be jailed, fined or have their assets seized if they obstruct the firm’s fracking activities.

The move is being opposed by two anti-fracking campaigners, Joe Corré, the son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and Joe Boyd. Calling the injunction oppressive and draconian.

Ineos public image is less than desirable, with ust 17% of the population surveyed back the process, the lowest level since the government survey started tracking public attitudes about shale gas. – The Guardian.

The plans to buy the brand will be finalised this year, so what will this mean for the brands reputation?

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