15 Items We Need In Our Wardrobe: As Told By NYFW Street Style

| Ever stuck for #styleinspo when shopping, not even Vogue can get your creative juices flowing? We picked out the not-to-miss looks from NYC’s Street Style!

Well, it’s Fashion Week! The time of year that designers and fashion visionaries around the world race from New York to London, and Paris to Milan to see what’s in store next season. But it’s not just about what graces the catwalks that gets our fashion pulses racing, it’s the pavements!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the "wow" moments that shows bring, but there’s something in the peacocking of bloggers, editors and the rest that has become it’s own form of art. It’s the art of being the very best version of yourself. People can get pissed at the exaggeration of the fashion pack, but surely, isn’t that the point?

The art of dressing up – and it really is an art form – has sure had a lot of stick across all Fashion Weeks for years now, apparently taking the attention away from the shows. But with the shows putting all their concentration on the next season, we look to the streets to help us find our latest inspo for tomorrow and the day after that.

They may make it look easy; devising an outfit that’ll take you from show to show, get you exposure, inspire others, and still look and feel like your best self while walking on cobbled streets and in fluctuating temperatures. That’s a tricky business right there.

The pressure is on to look up to date, but not try too hard. It’s about being prepared for dehydration, shoe changes and when that weird, scratchy waistband becomes all too much to handle. The key lies in that mix of current, personal style with a pinch of practicality and I for one am very impressed by the amount of show goers who have the whole street style thing NAILED.

Ahead are some of my favourite looks that made it look easy, along with the must have item I’ll surely be adding to my next OOTD. Enjoy!

1. Skinny Sunglasses

2. Printed Shirt

3. More ruffles (still)

4. OTK Boots

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5. Cowboy Hats

6. Leopard Print

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7. Just add stilettos

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8. Layering

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9. Matching

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10. The Gucci Belt

11. THAT Zara Blazer

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12. Corderoy and Shearling

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13. Relaxed Creamtones

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14. Still with slogans

15. All the pink

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